Introduction and Objectives

  • Individual objectives

Value your contractors

  • Back to basics – contract desk fundamentals
  • Proactively working with your contractors
  • Rating your contractors’ book

Working with the Contractors

  • Trusted advisor for 1st-time contractor
  • Peer to peer for seasoned  contractors
  • Expert to expert for the experienced exceptional contractor
  • 6 tips to get more out of all your contractors
  • Thinking in numbers

Working your marketplace

  • Transactional vs Consultative selling model
  • Stress test your market
  • The golden 250 jackpot

Models for growing your contractor base

  • Land and expand
  • Mushroom
  • Spot

Gaining a competitive edge

  • New business mix
  • Where is the low hanging fruit
  • A view from the client
  • Dealing with objections
  • Pinning your flag to the mast
  • Aftercare service

Action Plans