The Service for the HR team Consultancy and Advice in the following:

Induction and On-Boarding of New Recruits

  Structured Induction to suit your company

  • Getting the first week right
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training and Development Programme


The Importance of Qualifying the vacancy Brief

  • Understanding the vacancy, job description
  • The personality fit
  • Hiring for weakness in the team
  • Clear recruitment process and timelines
  • Getting completer stakeholder buy-specialist
  • Recruitment, core skills for understanding IT and ICT recruitment


The Importance of the various Interviews

  •  Initial Telephone Interview
  •  Face to face interview: the classic
  • Competency-based interview
  • Presentation and Panel Interview
  • Offer management
  • The exit interview


Setting Criteria for Recruitment Agency PSL

  • What to look for in the Agency of Choice
  • Setting Goals and SLA’s with Agencies
  • Recruitment training the full lifecycle
  • Working in partnership with your recruiter


Training programmes 

*Induction Programmes and onboarding

*Working with internal hiring managers to get the job description right

*Recruitment process and timelines

*Working in Partnership with recruiters as PSL or Sole agent

*When to use a Retained or Headhunt Service


  • Specialist course Understanding IT recruitment terms and terminology