Opening the Mind to Business Opportunities

Course Objectives:

Understanding your market and how you fit into it

Becoming known in your marketplace

Understanding your true value

Selling your service

Course Content

Marketplace Analysis

Putting structure on a specialisation/ vertical market

Positioning yourself so that both client and candidate can find you

Networking and connecting across your patch

Training programmes 

*Induction Programmes.

*Goal setting and instilling the value of KPI's.

*Opening the mind to business oppertunities.

*Client Management.

*Building and managing high performance teams.

*Time management and the art of delegation.

*Influencing and negotiation skills.

*Selling stylish business.

*Interview training including CBI.

*Motivating sales teams.

*Selecting vetting and short listing candidates.

*Key account development.

*Finding the best candidates resourcing made simple.