Motivating Sales Teams

Course Objectives:

Explore and understand the parameters of a management position relative to the company

To improve and develop a range of interpersonal skills to help with people management

To understand the difference between manager and team leader

Realising the benefit of working with other managers across the company

Team building, coaching and mentoring as part of the job

Getting the best from realistic objective setting, multi tasking, action planning

Effective delegation, time management, conflict management to enhance performance

To communicate and motivate teams in line with corporate objectives

Course Content:

Understanding the company you work for, vision, strategy, ethos

Communication skills and management style

Building high performance teams

Leading from the front

Creating innovative solutions

Understanding and empathy with staff

Managing performance

Gaining respect and loyalty

Creating opportunity and motivating staff

Training programmes 

*Induction Programmes.

*Goal setting and instilling the value of KPI's.

*Opening the mind to business oppertunities.

*Client Management.

*Building and managing high performance teams.

*Time management and the art of delegation.

*Influencing and negotiation skills.

*Selling stylish business.

*Interview training including CBI.

*Motivating sales teams.

*Selecting vetting and short listing candidates.

*Key account development.

*Finding the best candidates resourcing made simple.