Interview Training including CBI

Course Objectives:

Create consistency in interviewing

To get the most out of the interview for all parties

Ability to conduct and structure of the interview

To understand core competencies

Gaining exclusivity from your candidates

Strengthen your evaluation and rating of your candidates

To become a confident, self assured interviewer

Experience the power of excellent interview notes

Course Content:

The interview as a selection method

The importance of the agency interview

Importance of the interview in the recruitment process

Pre interview, post interview and screen interview

Using competencies to structure an interview

Competency questioning technique

Rating your candidate and interview notes

Training programmes 

*Induction Programmes.

*Goal setting and instilling the value of KPI's.

*Opening the mind to business oppertunities.

*Client Management.

*Building and managing high performance teams.

*Time management and the art of delegation.

*Influencing and negotiation skills.

*Selling stylish business.

*Interview training including CBI.

*Motivating sales teams.

*Selecting vetting and short listing candidates.

*Key account development.

*Finding the best candidates resourcing made simple.